10 channel data logger with Graphic display

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10 channel data logger with Graphic display

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This multi channel high speed data logger can take inputs from upto 10 different channels through external sensors. It has a 4GB memory which can last over 365 days. Additional memory upto 32 GB can be added through a SD card.

Features of 10 channel temperature recording data logger

  1. It can take inputs from any type of Thermocouples.
  2. The user can program a sampling interval from 10 milli seconds to 10 seconds.
  3. No software fee or periodic charges after purchase of the data logger.


This multi channel recorder generates report in CSV format and GBD format which can be read using our free software.
Additional Information

Additional Information

It operates on a regular power supply as well as on a rechargeable battery. Battery is optional and you may purchase separately if required.

Product Code VD-DL-MUL-GR-04200
Model GL 240
Free shipping No
Measurement Parameters Voltage, Temperature, Humidity, Pulse, Logic
Unit of Measurement No
Memory Capacity SD card upto 32 GB (2 SD card slots)
Duration of recording 365 days in the basic inbuilt memory of 4 GB
MEMORY TYPE SD Memory card
Program Interval 10 ms to 1 hour (10ms to 50ms: voltage only), External signal (Minimum interval varies by number of channels used.)
Sensors External upto 10 analog channels
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 1) Voltage:20mV - 100V , 1-5 V/F.S.
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 2) Thermocouple : Type: K,J,E,T,R,S,B,N,and W(WRe5-26)
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 3) Humidity:0 to 100% RH- using the humidity sensor (option B-530)
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 4) Pulse:4ch Rotation count (RPM), Accumulating count, Instant count
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 5) Logic : 4ch
ACCURACY (Parameter 1) Please see the detailed specification
ACCURACY (Parameter 2) Please see the detailed specification
ACCURACY (Parameter 3) Please see the detailed specification
ACCURACY (Parameter 4) Please see the detailed specification
ACCURACY (Parameter 5) Please see the detailed specification
Resolution Please see the detailed specification
Sensor Response Time NA
Display Yes
Special software required for data download? Free software
Remote monitoring No
LCD Operating Range Please see the detailed specification
Alarm Thresholds Programmable
Alarm Configuration Programmable
Alarm Type External alarm outputs
Bookmark NA
Preprogram Option User programmable
Start Option Autostart / user programmable
Auto Start Yes
Start Delay NA
Stop Option NA
Dimension Approx.188 x 117 x 42 mm (Excluding projections)
Weight (kg) 0.5000
Case Material Polycarbonate/ABS
Power AC Adaptor, 8.5 to 24 V DC, Optional Mountable battery pack
IP Rating NA
Warranty 12 months, excluding battery
Calibration Upon request at extra charge
Test Certificate Yes
Other Certification NA
Battery Life Based on usage and number of sensors connected
Communication USB (Hi-speed)
Software GL-Connect (free) : http://www.graphteccorp.com/support/software/instrument/GL100_240_840APSv121.zip
Default File Format GBD,CSV format
Data Export GBD,CSV format
Security NA
Plug & play download of data Free GL-connect software required
Package includes Data logger, 4 GB SD card
Detailed manual Read Manual / Download Manual
Video link NA
Manufacturer Graphtec, Japan
Price AED4,408.00