Single and Three Phase Current Data Logger

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Single and Three Phase Current Data Logger

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This Single and Three Phase Current Data Logger is Three phase current; 400A or

Recorded Values Iavg, Imax & I min on all 3 channels.

Features of single & three phase current logger

  1. It has a memory capacity of 32000 readings.
  2. It can operate on battery power.
  3. It has a sampling capablity of 16 readings per cycle.


This 1 Ph & 3 Ph current data logger has external sensors and has a response time of 1 second. Due to its high memory capacity and power back up, it can be quickly mounted to start recording.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Data transfer of this Single and Three Phase Current Data Logger is through USB connection. We offer Lifetime back to base warranty covering manufacturing defects and component failures.

Product Code VD-DL-ELE-AC-03003
Model EC-3A
Free shipping No
Measurement Parameters Three phase current; 400A or 3kAac Recorded Values I avg, Imax & I min on all 3 channels
Unit of Measurement Ampere
Memory Capacity 32,000 (True RMS) values per channel (10bit), up to 300 days continuous recording.
Duration of recording 300 days
Program Interval 16 samples per cycle 960Hz @ 60Hz 1 sec to 60 mins (1 sec gives 2 hrs logging, 60 min gives 300 days logging)
Sensors Current Input Socket Types (All Channels) Hard-wired through cable glands. Current Sensor Dimensions Lead Length 6’6” Sensor Length 18” Sensor Diameter 6”
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 1) Current Measurement Range (Irms) EC-3A-60 is 400A and 3kA
ACCURACY (Parameter 1) Current Measurement Accuracy ±2% of range, typically Real-Time Clock Accuracy Greater than 0.001%
ACCURACY (Parameter 2) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 3) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 4) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 5) NA
Resolution I max & Imin Time Resolution Always one cycle (60 Hz), independent of selected averaging period
Sensor Response Time 1 sec
Display No
Special software required for data download? Yes software supplied alongwith the device
Remote monitoring No
LCD Operating Range NA
Alarm Thresholds NA
Alarm Configuration NA
Alarm Type NA
Bookmark NA
Preprogram Option User programmable
Start Option Autostart
Auto Start Yes
Start Delay NA
Stop Option NA
Dimension 10” x 7” x 8
Weight (kg) 1.8500
Case Material Polycarbonate/ABS
Power Unit contains fourteen 9V Alkaline batteries (E-Block, PP3, 1604A). External PSU
IP Rating Sealed to IP65/NEMA 12/4
Warranty *Lifetime back to base warranty covering manufacturing defects and component failures.
Calibration Each unit is individually calibrated during testing.
Test Certificate Yes
Other Certification Recording - EN50160: 1994 - 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV.Emissions EN55022:1994B, (EN50081-1:1992).Immunity EN50082-2:1995, following the provisions of EMC directive 89/336/EEC. Recording std EN50160:1994. LVD 72/23/EEC with respect to EN60065. (IEC-61010).
Battery Life Unlimited – 12Vdc PSU option & battery backup or 3 months while unpowered
Communication USB, baud of 19,200, optically isolated to 5,2kV
Software Electrosoft Software Windows (9x, 2k, ME, NT, XP, Vista & Windows 7); 1024 x 769 min resolution
Default File Format CSV
Data Export CSV
Security NA
Plug & play download of data No, Electrosoft software required (free)
Package includes Kit includes data logger, Rogoswski Coils, USB lead, Electrosoft software and a carry case.
Detailed manual Read Manual / Download Manual
Video link NA
Manufacturer Accsense, USA
Price AED5,436.00