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DL200D Data Logger


DL200D Data Logger
Additional Information

Additional Information

Thanks to its flexible combination of real time data display, long term detection and logging of all measured values, even in network mode, the DL200D is the perfect measured data collector and an essential accessory for all precision measurements. Especially for calibration and testing laboratories.

Product Code VL-DL200D
Model DL200D
Free shipping No
Measurement Parameters No
Unit of Measurement No
Memory Capacity No
Duration of recording No
Program Interval No
Sensors No
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 1) No
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 2) No
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 3) No
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 4) No
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 5) No
ACCURACY (Parameter 1) No
ACCURACY (Parameter 2) No
ACCURACY (Parameter 3) No
ACCURACY (Parameter 4) No
ACCURACY (Parameter 5) No
Resolution No
Sensor Response Time No
Display No
Special software required for data download? No
Remote monitoring No
LCD Operating Range No
Alarm Thresholds No
Alarm Configuration No
Alarm Type No
Bookmark No
Preprogram Option No
Start Option No
Auto Start No
Start Delay No
Stop Option No
Dimension No
Weight (kg) No
Case Material No
Power No
IP Rating No
Warranty No
Calibration No
Test Certificate No
Other Certification No
Battery Life No
Communication No
Software No
Default File Format No
Data Export No
Security No
Plug & play download of data No
Package includes No
Detailed manual No
Video link No
Manufacturer No
Price AED3,400.00