iMINI USB Single use Data Logger

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iMINI USB Single use Data Logger

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Single use Temperature data logger are electronic temperature recorders. They are suitable for any duration such as 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, 180 days etc. The duration is easily adjustable by the customer and one data logger meets all your duration requirements. Plug and play device generating pdf, Excel and Text reports without any special software.

Advantages of Disposable data loggers

These are also known as disposable data loggers.

  1. The thickness of the same is only 4 mm and can easily be attached to any small consignment.
  2. You can order form us either in programmed condition or without programming.
    Ex. If you want your own identification number, vehicle number etc. within each device you can program it yourself.
iMINI USB Single use Data Logger is available for purchase in increments of 5


Single use, disposable Temperature data logger without screen display for pharmaceuticals, food, livestock, fruits, vegetables, logistics etc. This is a plug and device and does not require any special software for generating pdf, excel and text reports. It has 4 LED indicators, which show whether the temperature exceeded 4 levels of high and low alert levels. Data loggers are also known as temperature recorders.

Single use Temperature data logger without screen display
Additional Information

Additional Information

These disposable temperature data loggers are for one time usage. You can simply start the device and it starts recording until the memory is over. It cannot be reused thereafter. It has 4 LED indicators on one side. 2 Red LEDs for indicating high alerts and 2 Blue LED for indicating low alerts. If there were no alerts there is another Green LED. This LED will blink if the temperature has been within the limits. At the end of recording you can simply insert into a window based PC and it will generate pdf, excel and text reports. You don't have to install any special software for downloading the data.

Product Code VD-DL-TMP-CP-00100
Model MS-ST-S-8
Free shipping No
Measurement Parameters Temperature
Unit of Measurement °C or °F
Memory Capacity 7928 readings
Duration of recording 360 days
MEMORY TYPE Electronic
Program Interval 5 seconds to 17 hours, programmable
Sensors Internal
MEASURING RANGE (Parameter 1) -40 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C (-40 ⁰F to +176 ⁰F)
ACCURACY (Parameter 1) ±0.5 ⁰C (-40 ⁰C to -10 ⁰C), ±1 ⁰F (-40 ⁰F to +14 ⁰F); ±0.3 ⁰C (-10 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C), ±0.6 ⁰F (+14 ⁰F to +176 ⁰F)
ACCURACY (Parameter 2) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 3) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 4) NA
ACCURACY (Parameter 5) NA
Resolution 0.1 ⁰C (0.1 ⁰F)
Sensor Response Time T90 of 5 minutes in moving air
Display No
Special software required for data download? No
Remote monitoring No
LCD Operating Range N/A
Alarm Thresholds 4 thresholds; 2 red LEDs, 2 blue LEDs
Alarm Configuration High high, high, low & low low
Alarm Type Blinking LED
Bookmark Yes, maximum 8
Preprogram Option Factory programmed, customer can reprogram any number of times until first use
Start Option Push button
Auto Start N/A
Start Delay Yes, 1 minute to 99 days
Stop Option Yes, stop button (can be disabled)
Dimension 68x37x5mm (without sleeve); 81x52x5mm (with sleeve)
Weight (kg) 0.0140
Case Material Plastic sleeve
Power 3.0V Battery
IP Rating IP 65 inside sealed plastic sleeve
Warranty 1 Trip
Calibration No
Test Certificate Upon request, Free of charge
Other Certification ISO9001:2008, CE, RoHS
Battery Life 1 Year
Communication USB
Software ConsolePlus (Free)
Default File Format PDF, TXT, CVT & CSV
Data Export TXT, CSV, CVT & PDF
Security All files/data in the logger are read only (write protected)
Plug & play download of data Yes
Package includes Data logger with sleeve
Detailed manual Read Manual / Download Manual
Video link Watch Product Video
Manufacturer Cryopak, USA
Price AED95.00
Operating Instructions

How to operate iMINI USB Single use Data Logger

  1. If it is supplied in programmed condition as per your requirements, you are ready to start the data logger.(Upon receiving from us , if the plastic sleeve is in sealed condition, it is already programmed by us). Also the green LED will be blinking once in almost 8 seconds if it is already programmed. Otherwise the green LED will not be blinking.
  2. If it was not programmed, please follow our instructions in the video to program the single use data logger. There after insert into the plastic sleeve and properly seal the same.
  3. Now press the start button for couple of seconds until all the LEDs blink in quick succession from one end to the other end. This means that the data logger now starts recording.
  4. Insert into the place where you want the recording.
  5. At the end of the recording, take out the USB data logger. Open the plastic sleeve and insert into any windows PC. If the File Manager does not pop up automatically, go to ‘File Manager’ or ‘My computer’. You will see the device as a USB drive. Double click to open the drive. You will see all the reports here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the report formats generated?
    Reports are generated in pdf, excel and TXT formats.

  2. Does it require any special software to download the data?
    No. It does not require any special software. You will need Windows PC with pdf reader and Microsoft Excel or similar software. Even if you do not have these programs, it is not a problem. There is be a report in TXT report, which you can read by using Notepad program. Notepad is free text reader available in all Windows PCs by default.

  3. How to download the data?
    Simply insert the USB data logger into any PC in the same way as you insert a USB Flash memory drive. Now go to my computer and you will see this device similar to a USB memory drive. Click to go into this drive and you will see all the reports.

  4. What is the recording duration?
    The pdf data logger has memory capacity of 7928 readings. The customer can easily program the logger to suit any duration. Eg. If data is recorded every 5 minutes, the recording will last for 27 days. If the recording interval is 10 minutes, the recording will last for 54 days and so on.

  5. Can we reuse this disposable logger?
    Once recording starts, you cannot reuse the data logger.

  6. Can we reprogram this disposable temperature logger?
    Yes. You can reprogram the data logger any number of times until starting the recording. You can use our free ConsolePlus software for the same.

  7. How to stop the pdf logger?
    You can stop the pdf logger by pressing the stop button. Also during recording if you insert into a computer, recording automatically stops. If the memory is full, the recording stops automatically.

  8. Can the user program the USB data logger himself? Or do I require support from the supplier to reprogram?
    Yes. Customers can easily program the USB data logger any number of times using our free ConsolePlus software. Please see our video on programming of the data logger.

  9. How long the data will remain in the data logger after stopping the device?
    The data will remain in the data logger until the battery is dead. The battery will last for almost one year, but depends on storage conditions as well.

  10. What is the shelf life of this single use data logger once I Purchase before I use the same?
    The shelf life depends on the battery life only, which is almost one year. Hence, we recommend that you use the same within one year from the date of supply.

  11. Can I use the data logger in Mac computer?
    Presently the device works only in Windows based computers.

  12. When Vacker supplies the product, is it in programmed condition?
    If customer provides the programming details, Vacker will supply the same after programming. If customer wants without programming we will do accordingly.

  13. Is it supplied in sleeves in sealed condition?
    The data logger has to be sealed in the sleeves before using. This is to prevent moisture entering into the data logger. If customer provides programming details, we will program and seal the plastic sleeves. If the customer does not provide programming details, we will supply the sleeves separately. Customer can program the single use data logger and seal the sleeves properly.

  14. What is the purpose of programming a delay time after starting a data logger?
    After starting a data logger, it will take couple of minutes to stabilize the reading. Eg. You may want to keep the data logger inside a cold box, say 5 Deg C. You have to start the data logger outside the cold box in room temperature.

  15. How to start the data logger?
    Just press the start button of the data logger for couple of seconds. Then you will see that all the LEDs will blink from one end to the other. This means that the data logger has started. Thereafter the green LED will blink once in 4 seconds approximately. After programming and before starting, this green LED will blink once in almost 8 seconds.

  16. When I see a data logger, how do I know whether it has been already programmed?
    If the green LED is blinking almost once in 8 seconds, this means that the data logger is in programmed condition. If the green LED is not blinking at all, this means that the data logger is not programmed.

  17. When I see a disposable temperature data logger, how do I know whether it is currently in recording mode?
    If the green LED is blinking once in almost 4 seconds, this means that the data logger is currently recording data.

  18. Does it record humidity?
    No, it records only temperature.

  19. Can I keep it inside a box of wet items including ice?
    Yes, you can. When we supply in programmed condition, the data logger is sealed inside a plastic sleeve, which prevents any moisture ingress. Please make sure that the data logger is always used inside the sealed plastic sleeves.

  20. Does it have a calibration certificate?
    There are 2 separate models of these USB data loggers available. For this model (MS-ST-S-8), we can provide test certificates upon request. If you require inbuilt calibration report, please go for MS-ST-S-8-P. For this model, the last page of the pdf report provides NIST traceable calibration report automatically.

  21. Can I return these data loggers to Vacker after use?
    Yes, you can return the same for a 10% discount on future purchases for an equal quantity. The minimum quantity of return should be at least 20 pieces.


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Easy operation. Great explainer videos
It was extremely easy. Data download was very easy. The explainer videos for instructions are very useful. Review by Mohd. Ayman / (Posted on 11/2/2016)
Simple to use
This is very simple to use data logger. Especially useful sinve I do nto need any software ot download the data. Review by Eric / (Posted on 9/7/2016)