FC-5000 BTU Monitor


340N2 Series Metasys Btu Transmitter model no [VAC- 340N2- Series- Metasys -Btu -Transmitter]

Temperature Range -20 to 158 °F


          e FC-5000 BTU Monitor is a microprocessor-driven device that is designed for energy (BTU) and flow monitoring. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor is compatible with the complete line of Badger Meter industrial flow meters and temperature sensors, creating a solution to monitor hydronic energy usage, flow rates and totals. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor accepts passive or active signal outputs. The input circuit supports low and high frequency (0.5 to 3500 Hz) flow meters. A 12V DC exitation terminal is available for flow meter sensors that require power. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor control inputs allow the functions like Unlatch Relays , Reset Totalizers , Unlatch Relays and Reset Totalizers.

          Applications of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU -Monitor]

          1.  It can be used in Residential, Commercial or Industrial HVAC Sub-metering Systems

          2.  It can be used in thermal transfer system

          3.  It can be used in building automation

           Features of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU -Monitor]

          1. It has large backlit graphical display

          2. It has sensor data display screen

          3. It has integrated softkeys and full numerical keypad

          4. It has plug and play terminals

          5. It has user programmable relay configuration

          6. It has user programmable scaled outputs

          7. It has robust enclosure, keypad and mechanical relays

          Specifications of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU –Monito

          • Its working temperature range is 32 to 130 °F

          We supply FC-5000 BTU Monitor that can be used in various industries and applications in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply this FC-5000 BTU Monitor in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.