Dry Ice, Multi Use Temperature Logger with one external sensor MP-OE-N-8-L

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    Escort iMiniplus Dry Ice Temperature Logger MP-OE-N-8-L by Cryopak, USA.
    This is a Multi-use type of data logger.
    It has one external sensor for inserting into the box containing dry ice.
    It can measure from -100 to +40 °C. (-148°F to 104°F).
    It can record a maximum to 8048 Readings in its internal memory.
    The external sensor is a stainless steel temperature probe with 1 meter Teflon cable.

    Specifications of Escort iMiniplus Multiple-use dry ice temperature recorder

    1. Escort iMiniplus Multiple-use dry ice data logger is suitable for recording the temperature during storage and transportation of Medical samples, diagnostic specimens, organs, human and animal tissues, serums, enzymes, vaccines etc.

    2. This multiuse dry ice data logger has a large LCD Display for viewing multiple data.

    3. Product Code for this multi-use dry ice data logger is MP-OE-N-8-L.

    4. The storage capacity is 8048 Readings.

    5. The sampling Interval or frequency of recording is programmable from 5 seconds-18 hours.

    6. Time Accuracy is +/-1 minute per month.

    7. The temperature sensor is an external stainless steel probe with 1 meter Teflon cable.

    8. Temperature measuring Range is from -100°C to 40°C or -148° to 104°F.

    9. Temperature Accuracy from -100°C to -80°C  is +/-1.0°C (-148°F to -112°F   +/- 1.8°F)

    10. Temperature Accuracy from -79°C to -10°C   +/- 0.7°C (-111°F to 14°F   +/- 1.3°F)

    11. Temperature Accuracy from -9°C to 40°C   +/- 0.6°C (15°F to 104°F   +/- 1.0°F)

    12. Temperature Accuracy from -148°F to -112°F is  +/- 1.8°F

    13. Temperature Accuracy from -111°F to 14°F is  +/- 1.3°F.

    14. Temperature Accuracy from 15°F to 104°F is  +/- 1.0°F.

    15. The reading Resolution is 0.1°C or 0.1°F.

    16. Sensor Response Time is T90 of 5 minutes.

    17. LCD Operating Range is from -20°C to 70°C or from -4°F to 158°F. Hence the data logger has to be preferably kept outside the box containing the dry ice.

    18. There are two alarm Thresholds, one each for high and low levels.

    19. This Multi-use Escort iMiniplus Dry ice data logger has a bookmark feature for marking any events by the customer.

    20. This unit is programmable by the customer. We can supply in preprogrammed condition as well if the details are given in advance.

    21. The starting is by push button or timer or both.

    22. If the customer requires, there is a delay program option. In this case, the recording will start only after a delay period.

    23. Stopping of this dry ice temperature recorder is by the stop button. The user can disable this button so that no-one will stop by mistake.

    24. Size of this Multi-use, Escort iMiniplus dry ice temperature data recorder is 83x57x17mm, excluding lug & external sensor.

    25. Weight of this dry ice temperature recorder is 70 grams, including battery.

    26. The case is made of Polycarbonate/ABS.

    27. The battery is 3.0 Volt, coin type user replaceable lithium battery.

    28. The ingress protection of this Multi-use, dry ice data recorder is IP 64 with the battery cap on.

    29. Warranty is 2 year excluding battery, only for Multiuse data logger.

    30. We can provide NIST traceable calibration report upon specific request, at extra time & charges.

    31. We provide an accuracy Certificate along with every data logger.

    32. Battery Life is 1 to 2 years depending on the usage, temperature conditions etc.

    33. It has a USB to serial connection for connecting to a computer for downloading the data.

    34. The dry ice data logger operates with Console Pro Software.

    35. You can export the data in TXT, CSV, SYLK & LCF formats.

    36. The multi-use model has a re-arm function which enables the user to simply make the logger once again with earlier program details.

    37. It has a protection feature with a password using the Console Pro Software.

    38. Programming and downloading the data is using Console Pro Software.

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