Fire Hydrant Meters


Fire Hydrant Meters model no [VAC- Fire- Hydrant- Meters]

Size 3 in.
Flow Range 3 inch: 5 to 660 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 150 PSI


The Model 450 reduced pressure backflow preventer meter from Badger Meter is designed to protect the potable water system by preventing backflow through fire hydrants. The meter is used in measuring potable cold water from a fire hydrant or other non-permanent installation where flow moves in one direction. Water passes into the meter’s measuring element where flow readings are obtained by rotor revolutions transmitted by magnetic drive coupling through the meter’s cover plate to the sealed register. Magnetic drive is achieved by a right angle worm drive, coupling the rotor to the vertical transmission spindle. A ceramic magnet on the spindle rotates around the vertical axis. From the magnetic coupling, rotor rotation is transmitted to a follower magnet which transmits rotation to the register gearing. The water flows through the pretested double cam-check assembly after being measured. Both check valves open to allow full water flow. Any backflow or downstream pressure condition is prevented by the double check valves closing. Any pressure between these valves is vented to atmosphere through a third valve located between the main double check valves.

Applications of Fire Hydrant Meters model no [VAC- Fire- Hydrant- Meters]

  1. It can be used in construction

  2. It can be used in pool contractoring

  3. It can be used in water distribution

Features of Fire Hydrant Meters model no [VAC- Fire- Hydrant- Meters]

  1. It has rugged double wall stainless steel screen protecting the measuring element

  2. It has optional check valve and flow rate control valve

Specifications of Fire Hydrant Meters model no [VAC- Fire- Hydrant- Meters]

  • Its size is 3 in.

  • Its flow range is 3 inch: 5 to 660 gpm

  • Its pressure range is Up to 150 PSI

We supply Fire Hydrant Meters that can be used in various industries and applications in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also we supply this Fire Hydrant Meters in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.