MC4000 Diagnostic Testers


MC4000 Diagnostic Testers model no [VAC – MC4000- Diagnostic- Testers]

Temperature Range –4 to 300 °F
Flow Range 0.4 to 160 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 5800 PSI
Accuracy ± 1 %


This tester has inputs for two pressure sensors, one temperature sensor, one flow sensor, and one active pick up for RPM measurements. Four sensors can be connected at the same time and the results are displayed in four LCD displays. It is displayed according to the US or DIN norms. The display can show in English as well as other languages. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. A completely charged battery is indicated by a green LED display. It works for four hours when it is fully charged. It can be used even when the charger is connected to power. A power cable from a car battery is optionally available for operation. The MC4000 stores data in an internal 2.5 MB memory space when in data logger mode. Each stored measurement contains the day and date from the instruments' real-time clock. The stored measurements can be transferred to a Windows PC using a USB data port using MC4CON software utility. The MC4CON program permits bi-directional communication not only for uploading recorded data to a PC but also for downloading commands from the PC to the MC4000. The instrument’s front panel has buttons that can be used to set all parameters. Pressure units are programmed in psi or bar. The flow and rpm measurements are scaled using programmable constants. Three-point flow calibration for the turbine sensors is available. When it is activated, the pressure tare function allows offset adjustments and sets the display to zero at non-zero pressure inputs. Hydraulic horsepower is automatically calculated from the measured pressure and flow. Horsepower displays as either HP or kW depending on the selected units.

Applications of MC4000 Diagnostic Testers model no [VAC – MC4000- Diagnostic- Testers]

  1. It can be used in hydraulic diagnostic 

  2. It can be used in a process or industrial

  3. It can be used in Mobile and Stationary Hydraulic Equipment

 Features of MC4000 Diagnostic Testers model no [VAC – MC4000- Diagnostic- Testers]

  1. It is a handheld hydraulic analyzer that offers instant and recordable diagnostics

  2. It has hydraulic horsepower calculations

  3. It has flow sensor linearization

  4. It has 2.5 MB data logging capacity

  5. It has five sensor inputs including a turbine flow sensor, two pressure sensors, a temperature sensor, an RPM speed indicator

  6. It measures fast transients

Specifications of MC4000 Diagnostic Testers model no [VAC – MC4000- Diagnostic- Testers]

  • Its working temperature range is –4 to 300 °F

  • Its flow range is  0.4 to 160 GPM

  •  Its pressure range is Up to 5800 PSI

  • Its accuracy is  ±1 %

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