Monitoring unit OMU-103


Monitoring unit OMU-103 model no [VAC- monitoring-unit-omu-103]
Size: 232 mm(L) 112 mm (W) 68 mm (H)
Weight: 1.1 kg
Power supply: 24 VDC, < 0.3 A (12–28 VDC)
Alarm Zones: Configurable, up to 256 independent alarm zones
Number of relays: 16 in 2 x 25 pin D-sub connector
Alarm relays: Max 2 A @ 30 V
Serial interface: RS-485 9 pin D-sub connector
Ethernet port: 100 Mbps, full duplex
Fiber connector: FC/PC, multimode 62.5 μm graded-index

 ULRICA Fiber-Optic Distributed Heat Detection System

The device ulrica fiber-optic distributed heat detection system is a heat detector system which is based on fiber optic technology. This device consists of three components, fiber optic sensor cable, monitor unit and OMU and relay card.

This cable consists of an optical fiber strapped with a temperature sensitive body. This forms an ongoing line heat detector sensing temperature and indicating alarm at a defined temperature. Along the length of the sensor cable heat detection is provided continuously. The device design is dielectric and so not affected by the electromagnetic radiation or electrical discharge. 

The device monitor unit covers 2000m of sensor cable. Commonly it is practiced by configuring the monitor unit that covers 2000m of sensor cable. The device allows supervision of up to 256 zones. 

Each of the single zones can be configured as a continuous length of cable or a combined arbitrary number cable sections. 

The minimum length of a zone is 2 meters. The maximum zone length is equal to the entire length of the cable.

The device is able to detect multiple hot-spots along the sensor cable and separate them in different zones as well as a pinpoint the position of each hot spot. Traditional relay logic makes indication of alarm to a surveillance system.  Relays can be selected commonly open or closed available on the front connectors. There is a separate general alarm output. Commonly open on PIN 6 and PIN 9 of the RS-485 connector. When configuring the system”OMU config tool” use Ethernet port.  A surveillance system use Ethernet interface to monitor the system status thus replacing the relay logic. The internal system errors created by fiber break or other hardware or software faults will put the unit in an error state and also it indicates system error through the health relay.


  1. It has a size of 232 mm (L) 112 mm (W) 68 mm (H).

  2. It has weight of 1.1 kg.

  3. It has a power supply of 24 VDC, < 0.3 A (12–28 VDC).


The device OMU 103 Ulrica system detects overheating and determines its location fast and accurately at very low cost and a minimum of maintenance. 

  1. It can be used in Fire alarm systems.

  2. It can be used in Tunnels.

  3. It can be used in Subways.

  4. It can be used in Car Parks, Hotels.

  5. It can be used in Buildings.

  6. It can be used in Ventilation Ducts.

  7. It can be used in Cable ducts, pipelines.

  8. It can be used in High voltage cables.

  9. It can be used in Escalotors and convey or belts.

  10. It can be used in Oil depots, mines, silos.

  11. It can be used in Airports, railway stations.

  12. It can be used in Factory and storage premises. 

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