TTK 110 HEPA – Dehumidifier plus Air Cleaner

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TTK 110 HEPA – Dehumidifier plus Air Cleaner

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TTK 110 HEPA – Dehumidifier plus Air Cleaner

3,320.00 1 3,320.00
Amount in Words: United Arab Emirates Dirham Three Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty Only.
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Additional Information

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Product Code TTK-110-HEPA
Model Product Code - Custom - TTK-110-HEPA
Capacity No
Recommended Room Size No
Operating Temperature Range No
Operating Humidity Range No
Electrical Connections No
Sound Value (Distance 1 m) No
Type of Cooling Agent: No
Water Tank Capacity No
Dimensions (packaging excluded) No
Weight (packaging excluded) 1
Weight (kg) 1.0000
Price AED3,320.00