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Multi-Use Temperature Data logger with External Sensor MX-OE-S-8-L

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Multi-Use Temperature Data logger with External Sensor MX-OE-S-8-L

Multi-Use Temperature Data logger MX-OE-S-8-L
One external sensor probe
Memory: 8,000 reading
Operating range: -40°C ~ +80°C (-40°F ~ +176°F) & 0 ~ 100%RH
4 LEDs to indicate high or Low alarms
Automatic generation of pdf, excel & text reports
Free software for programming sampling rate, alert level, etc.


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143.80 USD 143.80 USD 143.8 USD

503.00 AED

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    Multi-Use Temperature Data logger with External Sensor MX-OE-S-8-L

    This is an electronic temperature recorder with an external sensor with a cable. The sensor probe is useful to insert into the temperature-sensitive box and you can see the temperature outside the box. Suppose you are shipping a thermally insulated box containing medicines. You can insert the sensor into the box and keep the device outside the box. Upon receiving the destination, the consignee can check the temperature record without opening the box. He can see whether the temperature ever exceeded the permitted range. Also, he can see the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded throughout the trip. The consignee can see these details without stopping the recording. 

    This particular model can record approximately 8000 readings. If it records the temperature once every 5 minutes, this will last for more than 25 days. If it records temperature once every 10 minutes, it can last for more than 50 days. If you want to record for a longer period, we have models with higher memory capacity,

    The software is free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. You can simply connect the device to a computer using a USB cable. You have to install the free software on your computer. It will generate reports in pdf, Excel and Txt formats. You can see the detailed individual readings as well as a summary of the entire readings. 

    Technical specifications of Temperature Data Logger with external sensor
    1. It is possible to program the recording interval between 5 seconds to 17 hours.
    2. The type of sensor is an external probe with a flexible cable.

    3. Time accuracy is ±1 hour per year.

    4. The resolution of readings is 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F.

    5. The measuring range of temperature is -40 °C to +80°C. The measuring range in Fahrenheit is -40 °F to +176 °F.

    6. Sensor response time for external sensors is T90 of 5 minutes in moving air.

    Frequently asked questions on Temperature recording Data Logger with external sensor
    1. How to record the temperature of a pharma box and see the readings outside the box? 
      You may use a temperature data logger with an external sensor. The data logger has an LCD display. You can insert the external sensor into the box and keep the data logger outside the box. Thus you can see the current reading as well as maximum and minimum recorded readings. If it ever exceeded the permitted temperature range, the Blue or Red LED will keep blinking. If the temperature has been within the range, the Green LED will keep blinking.
    2. What is the use of a temperature data logger with an external sensor? 
      This is mainly to read the temperature of items inside a concealed box without opening the box. You can keep the device outside the box and insert the sensor into the box. It can display the temperature as well as record the temperature continuously.
    3. What is a data logger and what is the use of a data logger? 
      A data logger is an electronic device which records a particular data. The name data logger comes from its function of logging the data continuously. A temperature data logger is one that records temperature. Any data logger will basically contain a sensor to measure the temperature and electronic circuitry with internal memory to record this data. The sensor takes the measurement and records it in the memory along with the date, time etc. As an example, a temperature data logger records temperature continuously. A vibration data logger records the vibration of equipment such as a CT scanner during its transportation. You can download the data into a PC, mobile device etc. based on its features.
    4. What are the types of data loggers? We can classify the data loggers based on the measuring parameter, application, type of communication, type of sensors etc. Based on the parameters there are possibly 30-40 devices such as temperature data logger, humidity data logger, vibration data logger, pressure data logger, weather data logger, flow data logger, light data logger etc. Based on the type of communication we can classify them as USB data logger, WiFi data logger, Bluetooth data logger etc.
    5. How to use a data logger? A data logger will have a button to start and stop the recording. Also, the user can program most of them for basic parameters. These parameters include frequency of recording, alarm levels etc. Sometimes the manufacturer programs these details and the user can simply use it. In both cases, the user can simply press the start button to commence the recording. It is also possible to program for automatic starting at a certain date and time. Thereafter the data logger continuously records the data. In models with a display screen, you can see critical parameters on the screen.


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